you're a jongkey shipper i highly doubt you have virgin eyes >.>
─ Anonymous

shhhh…shhh anon…


I do read every single confession…every word. So please, keep some of your confessions pg…my poor virgin eyes…o.o


no confesses :(

WHY wasn't I following this blog all along? WHY ?? OH God, thank God, I found this now =D

haha thank you ^^ <3

Some Jongkey shippers need to educate themselves in homosexual relationships before writing fanfiction Key is not Jonghyun's Girlfriend,wife or mother.He is a guy and thus making him Jonghyun's Boyfriend,Husband or father of their children
─ Anonymous

yes i totally agree, but the last confession said ‘girlfriend’ because key’s more feminine than jonghyun. i dont think they mean to hurt anybodys feelings. and i know a few homosexual couples who likes to play rolls of being the girlfriend even though they are a male.